Keep your family from getting hurt again. Don’t let your guard down. Use a contract!

As the flood waters subside and the cleanup is underway, I am sure that there are  many families that are overwhelmed, tired, and just want the mess gone. Be careful letting your guard down and hiring a contractor that does not have the appropriate insurance and a written contract.

Every contractor should have a general liability insurance policy and a workman compensation policy at minimum. If the scope of work being completed is large, your contractor needs a builder’s risk policy as well.  Legitimate contractors and subcontractors will have these policies in place and should not have any issue providing a copy of them to you.

Once you have verified that they have appropriate insurance, a work contract is needed. A written contract does not have to be complicated or long. It need only  contain the following:

  1. Names of the parties entering the contract
  2. The Scope of work being completed
  3. Cost of work being completed
  4. Time it will take to complete the work
  5. A signature of the parties entering the contract

It is a good idea to add some detail to the scope of work section and cost of the work being completed section of the contract. Some of the specific items that you may want to ask your contractor to answer and include in the contract are:

  1. What type of product are you going to use and what kind of warranty does it have?
  2. What type of warranty is the contractor and subcontractors giving you?
  3. When and what will the contractor be paid throughout the construction process? Will payment be made up front? Will payment be made throughout the process? How much will you hold back at the end of the process to make sure that the project gets completed?
  4. What happens if the plan changes during the construction process?
  5. How will I know that the subcontractors have been paid and they will not put a lien on my home once the contractor leaves?

A good contractor will not have a problem working through these questions with you.

At Thriv’ Construction, the correct insurance policies are in place and are provided for your records.  A detailed contract that is customized to your situation and needs is made and gone through with you so that you know exactly what to expect from our team.

A natural disaster can be devastating, but with the right support and service, you can have your life back, starting with your home.  Let Thriv’ Construction help.

Thriv’ Construction and I are not giving legal advise. I am not an attorney. We are just sharing our experience and opinion of the processes that we use.

If you feel that you have detailed questions about insurance, contact Gary Thompson Insurance Agency in Grand Island. If you feet that you have questions about contracts contact your attorney or contact the firm Smith, Johnson, Baack, Placzek, Allen, Connick & Hansen in Grand Island, Nebraska.