April showers bring May flowers and water in your basement if you don’t maintain your window wells.

Spring is here. That means warm sun and replenishing rains. I cannot wait for the smell of fresh cut grass and beautiful flowers! As the rains come, there are a few maintenance items I would like to share for your benefit. One is to how maintain your home’s window wells.

The window wells we specially designed for your home allow egress out of your basement in an emergency. They allow light into your basement, and also protect the basement windows. Window wells can easily be maintained by following a few easy

  1. Remove any large debris such as leaves, weeds or trash that may have blown in during the winter.
  2. Clean out the smaller debris like grass clippings and any dust or dirt that may have worked its way into the gravel. This step is very important! Dust, dirt, and grass are fine materials that create a hard surface, keeping rain water from peculating through the gravel into the beaver system that we provided for your home.
  3. Turn over the the gravel. It refreshes it, insuring water can properly drain into your beaver system.
  4. Purchase and install a window well cover. Window well covers are the best defense against water intrusion into your basement through window wells. I recommend Builders Warehouse when ordering. To determine the size you need, measure the width and depth across the top of each egress window. Make sure to write the measurements down! If measuring gets tricky or you are not confident that you will be able to get good measurements, please give Thriv’ Construction a call. We are always here to help!